Here I Go!

Hi friends!   I just wanted to update everyone on what is going on.  You will see I have been pretty quiet the past 4 months on social media, posts and new photos of items.  This is because I am going through some health issues.  I currently have had to put my shop on vacation mode until May/June when I will hopefully be able to sew again, fingers crossed!

I am having yet another major surgery this week.  I hope this is the last for a very long time.  But due to the nature of the surgery, I will not be able to create for a few months.  Please hang in there with me, I promise I have a ton of new items that will be available in my shop the moment I am healthy again!   I also will be sewing my fingers off for lost time!

                                                         xxx Kathryn Marie

2 thoughts on “Here I Go!

  1. Sending you love and healing energy. Me and my puppies look forward to frolicking with you and Leo ……and eating your awesome cookies! Love you Kate ♡♡♡

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