Fashion designer Kathryn Marie creates fabrics to compliment the harmony of shapes and stitches found within each of her designs. Through the use of traditional Japanese Shibori techniques, batik techniques, as well as her own custom fabric design, Kathryn Marie creates dynamic compositions within the fabric itself. She is adamant about her products being one of a kind, taking care that each piece of hand-dyed fabric, stitched into her products, is distinctively different.  Her hope is these heirloom fabrics, clothing and textiles will be enjoyed and treasured throughout generations.

Kathryn Marie draws her inspiration from the beauty of the nature around her.  The greens and browns which surround her home balance the clear blues of  the water which she enjoys daily.  The colors surrounding her studio vary depending on time of day and weather providing a beautiful ever changing palette.   These bountiful colors of nature transcend into hand-dyed fabrics which inspire her designs.

Each design tells a unique story.  For Kathryn Marie, life experiences and travel stimulate innovative ideas found within her current and future work.

Kathryn Marie’s work is handmade, made in the USA.


Kathryn Marie is available to teach Shibori dye classes to ages 8 and up, please contact:



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Kathryn Marie is a professionally trained fashion designer and received her Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design at Philadelphia University.  She began her career in design working for Lane Bryant Outlet, Anthropologie and Peace Love World.  She now is dedicated to creating one-of–a-kind textiles in her studio for use in commissions, handmade bedding, tablespaces or interior design projects.

Kathryn Marie has shown her work in the Elliott Museum, the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Charlevoix Circle of Arts, The Chevra Gallery and Three Pines Studio.  

Kathryn Marie is a proud member of the Modern Quilt Guild and The Textile and Fiber Arts List.

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